Gilroy Indian

KM Indian

Naked Goldwing


I won't deny the pictures do the bike justice.
Truthfully, I wanted a slightly rough edge to the look when I built it.
The tank was wet sanded and polished but still has a couple of imperfections.
The aluminum is weathered but clean. It is all part of the bikes charm. ......a real attention getter.

  • Gone through from top to bottom
  • Mechanically sound
  • New tires front and rear
  • New wheel and steering bearings
  • New swingarm bushings
  • All new cables and brake hoses
  • Swingarm stretched 4"
  • Forks lowered 1-1/2"
  • 16" rear wheel black powder coated
  • 19" front wheel powder coated
  • Solid state Regulator/Rectifier
  • Pod airfilters
  • Koni shocks
  • Drag handle bars
  • Many pieces blacked out
  • Some pieces re-chromed
  • Original paint on tank
  • Natural patina
  • Lots of character
  • Very clean

  • Extended Swingarms

    K4, K7 and a '79-'82 DOHC swingarm comparison

    1980 CB650 swingarm retrofit

    Custom CB750K swingram with a 4 inch stretch


    CB750 K1

    CB750 K2

    CB750 K3-K7

    CB750 K5

    CB750 F3

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