Reasonable Part Substitutions for Honda GL1000s

June 13, 2016 By Comments

You can never go wrong with OEM Honda parts. Fit, function, and reliability are never an issue. If you have a show bike, authenticity requirements dictate that you stick with Honda parts wherever possible. Of course, if show judges are looking at things like your timing belts, then you have bigger problems!

The following chart lists reasonable substitutes that have performed well for me and many others. This information is available elsewhere, but I decided to post it here for convenience since I’m often asked. Prices are considerably less than the equivalent Honda parts.

GL1000 Part Equivalent Substitute
Ballast Resistor The original Honda part #34930-371-003 can be replaced by:
NAPA (Echlin) Ballast Resistor #ICR13
See additional important details here
Swingarm Bearings The original Honda part #91071-371-003 interchanges with:
Toyo BK2518L or SKF 2518RS available at any bearing supplier
Handlebar Attach Bolt “Beauty Plug”(for 8 mm Allen head bolt)Honda Part #91456-371-770 (discontinued) Kawasaki Part #92066-1216 (for Concours and others)
Instrument Panel Bulbs Sylvania #1445 or equivalent
Stainless Brake Hose Sets See: Brake Hose Sets
Rear Brake Hose (substitute) NAPA #UBP38132
NAPA #UTS4138132 (same as above but about 1/2 price)
CarQuest #sp5898These are designed to fit:

  • 1979-1981 Ford Courier pick-up (front brake hose)
  • 1977-1984 Mazda BXX00 pick-up trucks (front brake hose).

These are about 2″ longer than OEM (now discontinued), but have the correct fittings on each end and work nicely. You will need to shorten and reflare the metal pipe which connects the hose to the master cylinder (“double” flaring tool required).

Thanks to Mike Crawford and Jeff Maltby for passing along this tip.

Timing Belts Gates #T274
NAPA #250274
Goodyear Gatorback #40274 (available at AutoZone and others)
Radiator Hoses NAPA #7733
Gates #21008
CarQuest #21029 (made by Gates)
(1 hose does both upper and lower.)
Radiator Cap STANT #10229
NAPA/Belkamp: 703-1445
CarQuest: 10229
Thermostat NAPA #101
STANT #13868
CarQuest #32438
CarQuest #13868
Honda (automobile) #19300BP2024
(all should be 180 degree models, with 52 mm mounting flange and by-pass relief port)
Oil Filter (OEM cartidge type) FRAM #CH 6009
EMGO #10-37500
Turn Signal Flasher STANT #552
NAPA #552
Federal Mogul #552
(Most 12V, 2 wire standard flashers will work. I like these because they are very compact.)
Spark Plug Caps NGK model #XD05F (or the improved version #XD05FPwith more waterproof boots) These are functionally equivalent to OEM. The only difference is the raised white NGK logo on the side.To make the plug retainer seals fit better, grind off the NGK logos. You can buy a set of these caps here
Cam Seals The original Honda part #91209-371-003 Oil Seal (27X43X9) can be replaced by:Napa ATM 2117994Reference Product Line: AltromNote: the same part is used on all GL1000s and GL1100s (3 on 1000s and 2 on GL1100s).

Courtesy of Randakk's Cycle Shakk